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How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles on a Tie

How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles on a Tie

One important thing that should be learned by all of us is how to deal with wrinkles on a tie. A tie with wrinkles looks worn. Wearing such a tie will damage your image as a professional.

Preventing Wrinkles to Appear on a Tie

Prevention is better than cure. You should try your best effort to prevent wrinkles instead of removing a wrinkle when you find one. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you prevent wrinkles to appear on a tie:

  • Do not tie the knot too tight.
  • Remember to untie your tie after used. If not, permanent wrinkles will be created. (Unfortunately many people do not follow this rule. They never untie a tie. They just pull down the knot from the collar to a position to take their head out. On the next day, they put the tie back on their neck and move the knot up to the collar.)
  • If you are on travel, roll up your ties and do not let other things in the suitcase to squeeze them too much. Consider buying a tie case.

Removing Wrinkles on a Tie

Even if you follow all the tips and tricks above, still there will be some slight wrinkles on your tie after used. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you remove wrinkles on your tie:

  • Hang up the tie for a period of time and most slight wrinkles will disappear.
  • If that doesn't work, roll up the tie and flatten the wrinkles during the process. Then put the rolled tie on a flat surface (e.g. table) for a period of time. After that hang it up for some more time and you will find that the wrinkles are gone.
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